What we do

Influencer Marketing Campaigns: We help you find the perfect influencer for your marketing needs. By creating a campaign with us, we will help you partner with the perfect person to reach the audience you seek, provide the content you want to share and monitor the progress within the campaign. We will work with through the process and follow up to make sure you and the influencers you work with are receiving the support and guidance they need to achieve the campaign objectives.

Social Media Management: As your social media manager, we develop relevant content to reach your target customers. Our job is to create, curate, and manage all published content, including images, video, and written word. In addition to content creation, we will monitor engagement and respond to users respecting your brand’s voice, and relay any questions or feedback directly to you.

Influencer Events: By providing opportunities for businesses to network in our communities, we help build the relationships needed to create successful influencer campaigns. If you are a business looking to host an influencer event, we would love to hear from you. We can work with most kinds of businesses; restaurants to host tastings, hotels to host a weekend getaway, a spa to pamper our influencers, or perhaps a whale watching tour or family activity to host influencer families. You provide the fun and we provide the influencers!

We help you create an event to draw attention to your business through fun and innovative partnerships.

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WHERE we are

We are located on the East Coast of Canada in Moncton, New Brunswick. We are rooted here and we love working with Canadian businesses. We have a focus on working with Canadian “hometown” Influencers, and looking to help businesses who wish to connect with potential customers in the home towns of the influencers we work with.

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WHY “Hometown” Influence

What are “hometown” influencers? They are the influencers working with and making an impact in their local communities. We are finding influencers who are known in their hometowns, regions, and provinces. We connect people on a personal level. Our hometown influencers are reaching and engaging local audiences with great success.

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