Influencer Marketing

What Is Influencer Marketing?

What is Influencer Marketing…

Simply put, it is taking the idea of a celebrity endorsement and creating content-driven marketing with a person who relates to their audience directly, a mom, an athlete, a crafter, a journalist, etc…Influencers appeal to the everyday lives of people who are the same age, or at the same stage in life, or interested in similar things. By partnering with the right influencer, a brand can appeal to a larger audience through the influencer’s network and endorsements. They are expert communicators and content creators, who know their audience and engage with them daily.

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They Are A Trusted Source

By hiring an influencer to use and represent your product or service, you are sharing your brand through a trusted source and marketing through stories, images or videos that seem less like ads and are received as recommendations from the influencer to their audience. That being said, influencers are transparent with their audiences in letting them know the content was sponsored or the item or experience was gifted. They must, by law, disclose any form of gift or payment. This is why it is important for influencers to be picky and thorough when choosing partners as well. They do not want to endorse something their audience would not believe they would use or represent.

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Most Important To Remember

The most important thing to remember when using influencer marketing is finding the best influencer for the job. That may or may not be the person with the most “likes” or followers. It should be the person with the most authority and influence over your brand’s target market. We will be sharing our tips on how to find local influencers and the right ones for the job, in a future post.

One of the most fun aspects of working with influencers is there ability to creatively present your brand to their followers. You are going to get a unique story or presentation of your brand, through the eyes of someone who actually experiences it.

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Be sure to check out our 7 Reasons To Work With influencers, and also make plans to attend BBLink 2020 this April in Moncton, NB. It is going to be a fun day of workshops bringing together Atlantic Canadian small businesses and content creators, to develop awareness in the field and promote storytelling, content creation and partnerships among business communities.

As a business you have influence, and as a content creator/influencer, you are a business. We’ll share how to bring these concepts together in amazing partnerships in our upcoming blogs.

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