Influencer Marketing

At we help you reach your target audience and align with influencers who are already speaking to those people.

Influencer Marketing Campaigns

We will help you find the perfect influencer for your marketing needs. By creating a campaign with us, we will help you partner with the creator who is producing content to reach the audience you seek. We define the content you want to have created, and monitor the progress within the campaign. We work through the process and follow up to make sure you and the influencers you work with are receiving the support and guidance they need to achieve the campaign objectives.

What We Do To Manage A Campaign

  • Discover: We meet to discuss your company, your product and the vision you have for working with our team. We will do so in person or via skype, so we can connect, learn the story of your business and create a more personalized experience. 
  • Define: Following our Discovery meeting, we get down to work creating a roadmap for the campaign. This will give you a well laid out picture of how we will achieve your goals and what to expect along the way. Once we agree on the roadmap, we will take the wheel and you sit back and enjoy the ride.
  • Dig In: We search for the perfect influencers and we help them get started on creating the content defined in the roadmap.
  • Deliver: We oversee the content creation and distribution with the various influencers.
  • Debrief: At the end of the project, we provide a report and meet again to discuss the results of the campaign.

Influencer Events

By providing opportunities for businesses to network in our communities, we help build the relationships needed to create successful influencer campaigns. If you are a business looking to host an influencer event, we can help make it a success. We work with most kinds of businesses; restaurants to host tastings, hotels to host a weekend getaway, a spa to pamper our influencers, or perhaps a whale watching tour or family activity to host influencer families. You provide the fun and we provide the influencers!

What We Do As Event Organizers

  • Discover: We want to get to know you, your business and your goals in order to organize a successful influencer event.
  • Define: Based on your goals, we define the structure of the event. we will determine how many influencers will attend the event and create a timeline to initiate, execute and follow up with a one on one consultation.
  • Dig In: This is where we invite influencers to apply for the event. We review applications and select those who have followers that fit your target market. We coordinate with the influencers, setting expectations for use of event hashtags and types of social content.
  • Deliver: We follow up with influencers to ensure social content has been delivered.
  • Debrief: Within two weeks, we provide a report and meet again to discuss the results of the campaign. At this meeting, you will receive a 1-hour consultation where we can discuss any questions you have about social media or influencer marketing.

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